The Norwegian School


Åsane Upper Secondary School
The school is situated outside Bergen which is Norway’s second largest city. Bergen has around 270 000 inhabitants and is a lively and historically interesting town. The center of the town is quite small as the town is old (founded in 1070) and situated between seven little mountains. The people in Bergen are fond of their town and proud of its beauty and history, never quite forgetting that it used to be the capital of Norway.
Åsane upper secondary is situated some 15 km from Bergen. Åsane is one of Bergen’s largest suburbs with around 30 000 (and growing) inhabitants. The school has around 400 pupils. The school also administrates the prison education in Bergen and quite a few of our teachers teach inmates in four different prisons around Bergen. Because of this and because vocational classes only have up to 15 students in each class, we employ around a hundred teachers.
In the coming years the school will change dramatically as a new school building is planned. The new school will have approx. 1200 students. Three different schools will move into this school and Åsane upper secondary as we know it, will change in many different ways.

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