Slovakia project spring 2015

After doing a survey about Slovakia we found that there are not that many Norwegians that want to travel to Bratislava/Slovakia.
We think that this is because they do not know what the country has to offer. Many Norwegians like to travel and Bratislava is only a few hours away. Many Norwegians travel to Prague and also Budapest. We think that Bratislava could be popular as a tourist city and we also think that many would find it interesting to live in a small city like Senec.
We wanted people to know that Slovakia is a beautiful country and that the Bratislava region offers many possibilities for tourists from Norway.
Since we have been to Senec we think that Norwegians would enjoy visiting Slovakia, Bratislava and Senec and there are many interesting things to do and see in the Bratislava region.
Senec is a small and charming city and if you stay in Bratislava or Senec, you can travel around the country.
As the Bratislava region is so central in Europe you can easily visit many other countries and have a wonderful holiday.
We have made a brochure that is going to make Norwegians want to travel to Bratislava and see for themselves what an interesting and beautiful country this is.
Marit Njøten


My Norwegian experience
In days 22nd – 29th March 2015 I had an opportunity to spend one project week in Norway. During my stay I saw lots of amazing places. Among visited places, the greatest impression for me was a boat trip through the beautiful fjords, amazing views of the town or culture and cleanliness of the country. I have had an opportunity to taste lots of kinds of traditional Norwegian meals, especially fish that are typical for northern countries.
The biggest challenge for me was communication in English. It was an incredible experience to hone my vocabulary or pronunciation through the communication with other people. The local residents, who actively speak English, have kept a pleasant impression in me.
I am very glad that I had an oppurtunity to travel abroad, get to know lots of nice guys, make friends with them and, all in all, I could experience one of the most amazing weeks in my life with my classmates and my teachers.
Patrik Bolek, student of the III.E class

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